harmonic osteopathy

specialist treatment for muscle and joint pain


“As someone who has tried osteopathy many times, it was a relief to experience a softer treatment that wasn’t all about manipulating joints and creating great cracks and pops” (GR, Journalist, Edinburgh)

“harmonic osteopathy makes my whole body feel light; the tension in my back and shoulders from hunching over my desk all day is dispelled.  I feel totally relaxed both mentally and physically.  Although Robbie’s treatment has a clear physical affect on me it also helps me to think about how I use and hold my body between treatments” (MC, Lawyer, Edinburgh)

This new harmonic osteopathy is incredible. I could barely walk into Robbie’s office, crippled with lower back pain from a recurring sports injury. After 10 mins of chat, and explaining what his treatment would involve, Robbie had me on all fours, stretching muscles I never knew I had. With his new ‘rocking’ technique, he slowly stopped the spasm in my muscle, and I enjoyed free movement again. Although not 100% at that point, Robbie taught me some exercises and stretching techniques to correct my imbalances and, after a couple of sessions which included some acupuncture, my back was as good as new and the pain had disappeared into the mists of time. Robbie has superb knowledge of osteopathy, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. (SP, Chartered Surveyor, Edinburgh)

I cannot speak highly enough of Harmonic Osteopathy. I was suffering from excruciating back pain following a knee injury and after just one session with Robbie, the pain was gone. Robbie talked me through the reason for the pain, immediately located the source of the pain, mobilised the joints and eased the tension in my lower back. He also suggested follow-on exercises that I should do. 3 years later and I have had no further pain. Harmonic Osteopathy provides an outstanding, professional service with real, long-lasting results.  (CW, Teacher, Edinburgh)

In late March 2010 I suffered an ankle injury during a game of badminton. Initially I thought it a minor sprain which I could ease off through a couple of basic stretches. However, the problem persisted, worsening over the course of the following fortnight. I tried a physiotherapist recommended by a friend but the symptoms remained. At this point I considered an osteopath. I knew little about the treatments used, but was willing to give it a go given my continuing discomfort. Resultantly I called Robbie. Two treatments later I had no pain nor stiffness. Absolutely delighted. I’d heartily recommend him to anyone with a similar predicament. (MW, Teacher, Edinburgh)

Robbie Smith has ‘magic hands’.  I have been troubled by irregular episodes of severe back pain and sciatic nerve pain due to two herniated discs for 10 years now, and I only wish I had known about Robbie’s skills when it all started.  In the last three years, Robbie has made amazing progress with my day-to-day or acute pain, when I’m in spasm.  When I have a big flare up, I can’t walk without the aid of a stick, which is particularly galling when you’re only in your thirties.  And the walking is not really a walk, more of a shuffle. Robbie has the incredible capacity to make me walk again, without the aid of a stick, and gets me mobile and moving with much more ease.  He is also excellent at the follow up treatment, which gets me properly back into normal movement much faster and more effectively than I’ve ever managed before.

My acute flare ups transformed last year into chronic back and sciatic nerve pain.  Even here, he has worked wonders.  He has succeeded, with regular treatment, to eliminate the day-to-day pain, which has put life back to normal, which was fantastic, as I’d begun to think that the pain would be a constant.

My back is not fixed, it never will be; I know that. However, knowing that when I do have either an acute flare up or I develop chronic pain again, Robbie will be able to sort it, makes a massive difference to living with it.

I cannot reccommend him enough. (LN, Teacher, Edinburgh)

Robbie is a fantastic Osteopath. I am a drummer and after lugging heavy equipment and banging the drums for hours on end, I usually have a sore back/arms/legs etc. I always feel a lot better and I feel “repaired” after seeing Robbie. I highly recommend him :)!!! (TB, Drummer, London)

I’ve been plagued with lower back problems for many years now, and have spent many long and painful hours on various treatment couches with very little success. I was therefore very sceptical about the whole profession, and was resigned to a life of limited movement and regular pain.

I wouldn’t have given Harmonic Osteopathy a second glance if it hadn’t been for a good friend of mine who kept banging on and on about the benefits of the treatment that they had received. And I will be eternally grateful that I did give it a go.

The treatment is revolutionary. Robbie employs a ‘rocking’ technique that slowly loosens off the muscles in the back that previously felt like a taut elastic band. The difference after just one session was night and day, and I now book an appointment every 6 – 8 weeks. I am now 9 months into my regular sessions, and I am delighted to report that my back pain is now a thing of the past. It’s a feeling that can only be described as being reborn.

If anyone reading this review has ever suffered from the torment of back pain, then I’d urge you to give this guy a go. I did, and I haven’t looked back since. (SP, Comely Bank.)

I’ve tried physios. Lots of them. In fact there’s been times when I’ve felt like I’ve single handedly funded the Edinburgh fraternity, with very mixed results. Given my continuing knee and back problems, lack of progress and rapidly emptying wallet I was ready to give an alternative a try. So long as it wasn’t another physio.