“this is Osteopathy without the need for loud cracks and pops”


This is my take on Osteopathy treatment.  If you have searched google for an osteopath, physio or chiropractor in Edinburgh you are probably in need of help with a pain or stiffness.  You have come to the right place.  My unique brand of osteopathic treatment will encourage your body’s own self-healing mechanisms.

My method is to teach your body how to not be stiff or in pain.

My specialty is work related pain and stiffness.  My style is the use of harmonic techniques, which use rhythmic oscillatory movements to gently rock various parts of the body.  This can correct and repair injury much faster and more easily, without the need for creating loud pops and cracks.  This is a less “heavy handed” approach to other forms of osteopathy.

Osteopathy works especially well with musculoskeletal problems in the muscles, joints and ligaments, which are a common source of pain.

Osteopathy can therefore treat obvious injuries, such as a sprained ankle.

However, most modern ailments fall into the non-specific category, and this is where Osteopathy can illuminate dysfunction and transform pain.  Even when an ailment has a name, like frozen shoulder or IBS, it is still a non-specific ailment.  Osteopaths find and treat anomalies within your body that may be causing your symptoms, and can usually reduce chronic and acute pain.

For occupational health I use my experience of 16 years in clinical practise to immediately see the strains that your body is being put through at work. I have extensive experience in a range of industries and can educate staff and management as to how to reduce these strains.

Most work related ailments are due to repetitive behaviour of the individual, not necessarily the job itself. By changing individual behaviour the likelihood of non-traumatic injury at work can be easily reduced.

"…for the first time in ages, my right shoulder was lying back, an inch lower than my left…"

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