“If you work at a desk for any length if time chances are you need this treatment….ideal if you lead a stressful life and feel tight and tired…” 


Yes, this applies to most of us! Hunched over a desk, pc or steering wheel all day inevitably leads to some sort of pain, stiffness, soreness or discomfort. We all do it, but do we know what to do about it? And how can we stop our habits leading to long term musculo-skeletal problems?

Having spent the last 16 years treating the office workers in Edinburgh I'd like to think I am an expert in treating the acute or chronic back, shoulder, neck pain, postural problems and tension headaches from your stressful or tiring job. I can help to reduce time spent off work as a result of these problems, and as a trained and qualified ergonomic consultant, I can help you understand and prevent problems occurring in the future with personalised practical advice and information about your work station set up.

My treatment methods are particularly suited to treating the tension, stresses and strains caused on your bodies from repetitive and static postures.

So don't delay, please call and find out how I can bring some relief and relaxation to your day....

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I am also able to provide "Well-being Sessions", at lunch times for instance, to companies and organisations to help educate staff about office ergonomics, to help people to understand how to help themselves and reduce time spent off work as a result of muscle/joint pain. We can also provide some "hands on" taster treatment sessions. Get in touch on 0772 584 4000 if you would like to find out more.