harmonic massage for health

Harmonic technique is a traditional osteopathic technique that mobilises the body using passive rhythmic oscillatory movements. These movements lengthen shortened muscles and ligaments, mobilise joints and circulate blood and other liquids around the body. Robbie has developed the technique into a body wide maintenance therapy to keep the body at an optimum level of physical health.

We are predisposed to ill health

As we go through life we are bombarded by toxins and substances that we don’t want. We ingest them in our food and drink, we inhale them in our breath and we produce them naturally in our bodies. They must be eliminated and our bodies are very well adapted at doing this. Our elimination organs – liver, kidneys and lungs – are constantly working to cleanse our bodies of these unwanted substances. However, modern life has increased the amount of these toxins to levels we are unable to cope with and instead of being eliminated they build up in our bodies, interfering with normal bodily functions.

Modern life makes us stiff

Most modern occupations, be it office based slumped in front of a P.C. or spending hours behind the wheel or working manually doing repetitive tasks, put unusual, excessive strains on the body especially the neck and low back. The ligaments take too much strain and so become weakened. The muscles try to compensate for this and become overworked and fatigued. They tighten and pull the joints into abnormal positions. This increases their wear and tear and leads to early degeneration. The newly misaligned body is more difficult to move around so the muscles become stiffer and fatigue easily. This all leads to early degeneration.

Good Health requires fluid movement

Life is essentially a form of energy that is captured in living cells. We use this energy to perform all the biochemical reactions that take place in our bodies in order to survive. This energy needs to have freedom to move around the body to get to all the areas that these reactions take place, namely everywhere. In Chinese medicine they call it chi and it travels along meridians, the Indians or Hindus call it Prada, and the Thai call it Sen. Western Naturopaths call it the vital force. It doesn’t matter what you call it (western scientists may call it calories or A.T.P. or electric energy) it is the energy that we need to survive and it needs to travel freely throughout our bodies.

Our bodies are primarily a liquid medium (we are about 65% water) and so should behave as such. The energy talked about above travels through us as anything would travel in a liquid; imagine a plastic bottle in a stream. There needs to be a free flow of the liquid in order for it to get anywhere. Any form of blockage or narrowing of the stream will create turbulence and affect the flow, ultimately affecting the ability of the bottle to get anywhere. Also if there is no flow the bottle goes no where. Energy in all its forms, along with other chemicals vital for our health, travel around the body in various fluids (blood, lymph, synovial fluid in joints to name a few) which need to have a free unhindered flow. Imagine again a stream that is flowing easily and smoothly. It is nice and clear and clean and if there was anything flowing in it it would travel fast and easily. Imagine the same stream but with blockages (rocks and branches and dams). The flow becomes turbulent and there are areas at the sides and behind rocks where the flow is still.

All the rigidities caused by the build up of toxins help to create a body that functions more like a turbulent stream than a free flowing one. All our body functions are more difficult. Our organs work harder and therefore wear out more quickly. Our muscles work harder and we become fatigued more easily.

Harmonic massage restores fluidity

Harmonic massage works by increasing the circulation of fluid in the body. This frees up the unwanted substances enabling the eliminating organs to remove them. It works by relaxing and lengthening the tight muscles. This rebalances the body and allows the muscles to rest and recover from chronic fatigue.

Harmonic massage works by actively pumping the fluid around the body and removing the restrictions to this flow. This increases the flow of energy and enhances the function and health of the organs, muscles and joints.