"This is the first training we've had that was actually relevant"

"The last guy told us that what we'll go through is not very applicable to our job, So what's the point?"

You can buy an online Manual Handling Training (MHT) course for £15.  This will teach you little more than you can learn for free from the HSE website except that it’s packaged nicely and you get a certificate to keep you up to date with legislation.

Almost without fail onsite or online MHT courses will follow the format of the HSE which, if you have seen, is of marginal benefit to the vast majority of manual workers.  Unless, of course, you work in a warehouse and lift boxes from the floor to the table or push objects around on a pallet truck or sack barrow.  It won’t help if you need to lift objects from a crate than inhibits knee bend, or within a confined area such as an aircraft; or stitching fabric; or if you are hammering or drilling or cutting a line in the road with a Stihl saw; or if you are pushing a cow carcass around an abattoir or chopping food continuously for several hours (all common manual handling scenarios I have come across).

Data from the HSE say that injuries at work are on the decline but no fewer people are in pain.  Manual Handling (MH) practises account for over a third of all workplace injuries.  The current teaching is clearly not working.

My training methods will teach you the principles of MH on site doing the tasks you do.  You will learn to feel the difference between good and bad technique and therefore understand the strain or lack of with different MH methods.

There is no best practise for MH.  Just like there is no best posture for sitting or standing still.  We each have our own individuality and constant change is better than repeated similarity.  By learning how to feel your own stress and strain of work you can minimise it and reduce the likelihood of injury.

I am the only MHT trainer affiliated with the Scottish Manual Handling Forum working in the private sector.  I run 2 or 3 hour MHT courses or 2 day train the trainer for MHT or risk assessment courses, depending on your needs.  Always on-site and bespoke and as affordable as online - as little as £18 per employee.