Robbie has teamed up with experienced yoga instructor Polly Rewt to run yoga anatomy workshops that combine practising and analysing various yoga routines to help students understand why they can and can’t perform the various poses.

The purpose of the workshops is to identify if there are any strength, flexibility or movement control reasons for not improving your yoga.

Below is an outline of an example workshop: Sun Salutations. For information about when workshops are run, follow us on facebook for regular updates and forthcoming dates. Workshops will also cover various other yoga routines including extension, back-bending and rotation movement routines.

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Sun Salutation Yoga Anatomy Workshop

Composed of forward and backward bending, plus some tricky transitional movements, the Sun Salutation can be both joyful and frustrating. You may be asking questions such as:

Why don’t my heels go to the floor in Downward Dog?

Will I ever touch my toes?

We will explore each posture and how to flow: you’ll learn how to break down the Sun Salutation into smaller, discreet movements that help you diagnose why you get stuck – and how to get unstuck.

The workshop is aimed at students who practice Sun Salutations, from either Hatha, Hatha Vinyasa or Ashtanga Vinyasa traditions, in classes and at home. This workshop is suitable for students of all levels, so if you’ve just started in a beginners course or if you’ve been practicing for years you will still benefit from attending this workshop.