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Harmonic Clinics

Osteopathy - Acupuncture - Massage
Specialist Treatment for Muscle and Joint pain


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About me

"His knowledge, experience and humble approach leads to trust and results."

Robbie Smith

I am a qualified osteopath, medical acupuncturist and ergonomic consultant. I initially trained as a zoologist and have an interest in human and animal evolution and biomechanics. I have a special interest in how the body is designed to move, the impact that modern sedentary lifestyles and postures has on this and the resulting problems.

Since qualifying as an osteopath I have been studying the most effective treatment techniques from western and eastern manual medical disciplines in order to best achieve my objective as an osteopath - to correct poor body function, remove pain and stiffness and restore health.

Like all osteopaths I am fully trained, insured and accepted by most health insurance providers.

I often work alongside other health care providers:

Daniel Heller - Strength and Conditioning Coach

Daniel is a strength and conditioning coach and lecturer at Bastyr University in Seattle.  During his time studying an MSc at Edinburgh University he worked and helped develop the harmonic release for personal trainers programme.  He continues to consult and helps to run the training courses at harmonic clinics.

Ollie Jessop - Personal Trainer

Ollie works in the gym along the corridor at G2G coaching.  We often work together for more exercise mined clients.

Matt Holland - Running coach

Matt is the only running school certified trainer in Scotland. He is in the next room to me at  He specialises in exercise coaching for running technique to improve efficiency and reduce the effort of running.  His philosophies work well alongside mine.

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