harmonic osteopathy

specialist treatment for muscle and joint pain

about us

“His knowledge, experience and humble approach leads to trust and results.”

Robbie Smith – osteopath

I am a qualified osteopath, medical acupuncturist and ergonomic consultant. I initially trained as a zoologist and have an interest in human and animal evolution and biomechanics. I have a special interest in how the body is designed to move, the impact that modern sedentary lifestyles and postures has on this and the resulting problems.

Since qualifying as an osteopath I have been studying the most effective treatment techniques from western and eastern manual medical disciplines in order to best achieve my objective as an osteopath – to correct poor body function, remove pain and stiffness and restore health.

Like all osteopaths I am fully trained, insured and accepted by most health insurance providers.

Kelly Biffen – osteopath

I joined the team at harmonic clinics because during my studies and practice I have found that the harmonic approach is the most effective for my patients.

I think that communication is a key part of my practice and endeavour to involve my patients in their recovery as much as possible.  I think that if they understand the nature of their condition then then can empower themselves to heal.

Like all osteopaths I am fully trained, insured and accepted by most health insurance providers.

Amanda Burnett – massage therapist

I originally qualified in 1999 I now have over 14 years of experience in massage and complementary therapies which has taken me all over the UK and abroad.

I became passionate about complementary therapies following a period of personal ill health which served to open my eyes to the amazing benefits of regular treatment to improve general health and reduce stress. Ten years on I am still an avid believer in the key role that they can play as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

I am qualified in deep tissue, sports and pregnancy massage; reflexology; reiki and aromatherapy and this year I have gained my Master Practitioner Certification in NLP.

I have joined the harmonic revolution because I have seen the effect these simple techniques can have on reducing tension and stress.

Ollie Jessop – Personal Trainer

Matt Holland – Running coach