"falling somewhere between massage and osteopathy this treatment is ideal if you lead a stressful life and feel tight and tired" 

Gowri Rao, the Scotsman magazine, 08.11.2008
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This Edinburgh Massage is probably the most effective non-pharmaceutical way of relieving muscular aches and tensions.

Harmonic massage has been developed from harmonic osteopathy in combination with standard techniques of Sports, Thai, Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release.

The combination of rhythmic oscillations and physical massage techniques tap into the nervous system to give a deeper sense of unclenching and relaxing of the muscles than standard, static massage.

It teaches the muscles to relearn how to relax from a neurological level. This gives a sense of relaxation that lasts far longer than any other style of massage.

The aim is to relax, relearn and rebalance.  Is it the best Massage in Edinburgh?  I’ll help you decide by demonstrating why movements should be incorporated into any massage routine here.