Dancing from an osteopath's perspective

Dancing is usually made up of a variety of rhythmical movements in different joints put into a sequence. These can be simple or complicated, involving few, several or all the joints in the body. In order to achieve these movements the joints need to be supple and strong. They also need to work together in organised functional patterns. It is no good being supple in lots of joints in isolation; they need to be supple in chains or patterns.

How can harmonic osteopathy benefit you as a dancer?

Harmonic osteopathy will encourage suppleness, strength and symmetry of movement by relaxing functional chains of movement. We don’t force the muscles to relax with heavy techniques. To achieve lasting suppleness the relaxation should come from within. Our techniques are more neurological and they encourage your body and mind to relax the muscles. Once full body freedom of movement has been achieved strength can be built on top of that. Strength cannot be built on a stiff foundation - compromise will ensue and eventually injury.

Harmonic osteopathy is not just a treatment. It can help to improve performance by increasing suppleness and strength. It can help to reduce the wear and tear caused by intense exercise and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Where can I get treatment?

Robbie holds a specialist Harmonic osteopathy clinic for dancers at Dancebase in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket. Please call Robbie on 0772 584 4000 to make an appointment or find out further information.