harmonic osteopathy

specialist treatment for muscle and joint pain

exercise treatments, personal training and yoga

Functional Integrated Exercises and Treatment

The aim of F.I.X.T. is to reteach normal movement.  It is a where harmonic osteopathy has combined with the corrective exercises of OJPT to give a complete package of rehabilitation and training.  It is designed to speed up recovery from injury, correct chronic injuries and maximise the potential for effective training.

Chronic injury and poor recovery come from imbalances in strength and flexibility and alteration to normal movement.  These are learned behaviours ingrained in the subconscious.  They can’t be trained out with traditional exercises.  Normal movement needs to be relearned.  This takes away any chronic strain or tension habits and builds the strength and suppleness required for everyday movement and effective exercise training.

A F.I.X.T. session will involve a movement screen to highlight faulty movements.  From the screen we can then determine how much treatment and which exercises are needed to restore normal movement.  Once the osteopathic treatment has allowed you to move correctly you will perform the corrective exercises under the guidance of a specialist physical trainer until the correct movement has been relearned.  This is surprisingly quick and you should see significant changes within the first session.

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