So you’ve searched google for treatment for your pain and you are wondering who can help.

You have a pain when you are moving or a pain that happened during a movement.

Either way I have the expertise to help.  Most acute pain is caused by muscle spasm.  This can be debilitating and even immobilising, especially in the low back.

Most chronic pain comes from imbalances in strength and flexibility and alteration to normal movement.  Usually caused by low level muscle spasm.

Treatment in both instances should focus on removing the muscle spasm and restoring normal movement again. The passive oscillatory techniques I use are the best non-pharmaceutucal way to do this.

You may know what an Osteopath is or you may not.  If you know what an osteopath is then you are probably trying to decide which one is best for you.  Either way you can get more information from the Osteopathy explained sidebar or the why I can be different page.