harmonic osteopathy

specialist treatment for muscle and joint pain

DSE packages

Option 1:
Tutorial for self-assessment checklist
Advise employees on how to complete self-assessment questionnaires to ensure they are complying with best practise. Includes education on postural variations, common misconceptions and the effects of poor posture.

Option 2:
20-30 minute DSE Compliance Assessments
The basic assessment for each individual to ensure compliance with HSE regulations. Option 1 followed by a detailed analysis of each individual working environment and help creating a stress free posture.
Includes written report for each individual with observations, adjustments & recommendations.

Option 3:
60 minute Remedial DSE Assessments
A detailed examination and assessment for individuals with pain or other health issues at the workstation or those with a disability.


The benefit of using trained hands on manual osteopaths for the assessments is we can assess and train each individual’s posture to become as stress free as possible. This is far more beneficial than self-assessment or observation alone. We have daily experience of the consequences of cumulative strain and the best up to date knowledge of how to avoid it.