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DSE and Postural Advise for Business

Harmonic clinics provide a professional, fast and effective service to businesses and organisations to help minimise the disruption caused by musculo-skeletal and stress related disorders such as back and shoulder pain and headache.

Our range of prevention and treatment options are cost-effective, educational and flexible to meet the needs of individual companies.  They exceed the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) to be actually effective.

Our team of therapists are trained to the highest standard and use the most up to date understanding of musculo-skeletal health to keep your workforce fit and your workplace up to date with government legislation.

We are here to treat your staff, not assess them.


Diagnosis and treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders

We provide osteopathy, acupuncture, massage or rehabilitation exercise services to diagnose and treat individuals to get them back to normal health as soon as possible.  If you or a member of your staff has been off work we can get you/them back to work quickly.


Fitness to work or postural task assessments

1-2-1 in clinic or in house assessments for employees or tasks. This will assess an individual’s capability to perform a particular task and therefore their potential for injury.  We can assess tasks that are more posturally challenging and help to create solutions to make the task more comfortable for those who are doing it.


Individual work station assessments

We can provide different packages for training people in how to set up their work stations and sit properly at a desk. We can train groups or individuals to make specific, personal adjustments and modifications to suit them and their own working environment.


Manual handling training

Our bespoke Manual Handling Training gives employees the skills to perform physical tasks with minimal effort.  It is not a tick box exercise to cover against any legislative issues.  Continue to the specific manual handling page for more.


Health promotion and awareness seminars and exercise classes.

We can provide group seminars and advice on general health and wellbeing.
On site Yoga, pilates or general stretching classes and workshops.

By just taking a few simple precautions, work can become more effortless.  Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you as a business.


Why should you choose our services?

Musculo-skeletal and/or stress related disorders are often specific to an individual. Government guidelines are written for theoretical populations and are difficult to implement successfully as individuals.  This is why they are not working to reduce the incidence of non accident injury in the workplace.  We have the knowledge and understanding to assess individuals and their working environment. Unlike other providers we can alter the guidelines to suit individual needs. Using hands on palpation we can fully assess stress free posture.  This is far more effective than just visually or with self-assessment.

We can provide group or individual training on how to manage a working environment.

Our team of therapists are trained in the latest scientific evidence that exists. They have daily experience of how poor ergonomics effects the body and the most effective preventative and corrective techniques.