harmonic osteopathy

specialist treatment for muscle and joint pain

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We are accepted by most health insurance providers.

harmonic osteopathy

18b Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, EH2 4DF

0772 584 4000  for Robbie

07837 330 886  for Kelly (Saturdays)


Email: info@harmonicosteopathy.com
Web: www.harmonicosteopathy.com

Treatments are available all day Monday to Friday and Saturdays by appointment.

There are no strict opening hours, we try to fit in with your busy lifestyles.

  • harmonic osteopathy sessions are 40-45 mins and cost £50 (BUPA and AXA funded appointments are 20-25mins)
  • the initial session may last longer and if you are parking I should always pay for an hour to be safe.
  • unfortunately there is no card payment facility so please bring cash or a cheque.
  • like all osteopaths, we are accepted by most health insurance providers.

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Please note that we are in the basement so don’t go in the main door at street level.  Come down the outside stairs.  There is a sign at the top of the stairs and on the basement door.


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