harmonic osteopathy

specialist treatment for muscle and joint pain

DSE and postural advise for business

Workstation assessments

We can provide different packages for training people in how to set up their work stations and sit properly at a desk. This is an excellent way of preventing musculo-skeletal problems and goes beyond the DSE recommendations.

Postural task assessments

There are some tasks within an occupational environment that are more posturally challenging than others and we help you to work out a solution to make the task more comfortable for those who are doing it.

Manual handling training

Manual handling training can be provided through www.osteopathicsolutions.com

Fitness to work assessments

Some employees are just not physically able to perform certain tasks.  We can provide in clinic or in house assessments of the individual and/or task as to their capability and therefore potential for injury. This can be helpful in guiding employees back to work after a period of absence.